Go From Idea to Pop Up

The Essentials Fellowship supports people from across the USA with ideas for schools, educational programs and services, and edtech tools. The Essentials Fellowship will take you from having an idea to running a short, small scale, opportunity for the families and students you want to serve to give feedback on the solution you’ve created. As an Essentials Fellow, you’ll get coaching to help you refine what you are building, who it is for, and what problem you are solving, alongside 15 other teams. By the end of the Essentials Fellowship, you’ll have validated your idea and have the skills you need to continue refining it.

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Go From Pop Up to Proof Point

The Tiny Fellowship supports people with bold ideas for schools, educational programs and services, and edtech tools. The Tiny Fellowship is designed to take you from an idea with early stage validation to a proof point that is ready to grow. As a fellow, you’ll get access to coaching from experts, a $10,000 grant, and a community of peers, all pushing you to build your organization by running disciplined tests. By the end of the Tiny Fellowship, you’ll have created a proof point for your idea, with evidence that it works, people want it, and you can build a financially sustainable path forward.

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