Go from Prototype to Pilot

At Essentials, our 3-day workshops, you’ll to learn how to listen to your users, prototype cheap solutions to test your hypotheses, and unbundle your ideas into more manageable pieces. We’ll take you from scrappy prototype to piloting with users faster and cheaper.

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Go from Pilot to Sustainable Venture

The Tiny Fellowship is 4.0’s newest program designed to take entrepreneurs from piloting with users to securing paying customers. Fellows can be working on their venture part-time and will get access to expert coaching, supportive community, and equity-free capital. We’ll take you from piloting with users to bold, sustainable venture faster and with less compromise.

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Hear the Latest on the Future of School

Every month, we’ll send out the latest on what the 4.0 Community is launching. Hear stories on what entrepreneurs are learning, struggling with, and building. There might even be a gif or two.