We are always seeking like-minded organizations who want to join us in supporting early-stage founders. Want to join our community? We’ve compiled a few resources that might be worth checking out.

Early Stage Investing

If we had it our way, every founder would be well-versed in prototyping and piloting an idea BEFORE taking it to scale. Are you curious about how we support our founders to do this? Here are a few of our ideas:

The 3 Stages of Education Investing We’re Ignoring

Launching Schools (4.0’s GuideSchool Launch Timeline)

Visitor’s Guide to 4.0’s Essentials Program

Building Community

A community of education innovators doesn’t happen by chance. We believe strongly in working with partners to invest in local communities to develop pipelines and ecosystems of innovation. Here are just some of the cities we’ve worked in – and a guide for you to use in your own community!

Forging Pathways

We are always seeking partners who provide pathways for founders after they graduate from 4.0 programming. We’ve tried to identify the opportunities we think are useful to early stage founders, regardless of what they’re working on. Are we missing something? Let us know below.

Priority Focus Areas

At 4.0, we support ventures focusing on a variety of topics. That being said, we’ve noticed a few hot focus areas for our founders and are specifically seeking partner organizations focused on the following:

Want to Connect?

4.0 has supported over 1000 founders from all across the United States. If you’re interested in connecting with any of our founders or ventures, drop us a note at the link below.

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