Essentials Fellowship

The Essentials Fellowship takes aspiring founders (like you!) from an idea on paper to running a one-time pop-up experience with the families and students you want to serve. You’ll get coaching from the 4.0 team and experienced founders on how to plan and run a short discrete test of your idea, a $300 grant, and a community of peers cheering you on. By the end of the Essentials Fellowship, you’ll have feedback from the people you want to serve and the skills you need to continue refining your idea. Essentials is free to attend and travel scholarships for Camp are available to founders who demonstrate need.


What is the Essentials Fellowship?
Talk to the people who matter most

After you’re accepted to the Essentials Fellowship, you’ll get to work defining the problem you’re solving. We’ll virtually coach you to talk to the people you want to serve and learn about them and what they care about.

Attend Essentials Camp in New Orleans

With a better understanding of your users, you’ll come to New Orleans for Essentials Camp, a weekend experience your cohort of 15 teams from across the country. You’ll get coached by founders and be pushed to clarify your idea. We’ll help you design your first pop-up (a 2 hours to one day version) of you idea, and you’ll leave Camp ready to put your work in front of the people you want to serve.


Run your Pop Up at Home

With the pop up you planned and a little bit of cash from 4.0 Schools to run it, you’ll go home and execute. You’ll stay connected to 4.0 through virtual meet-ups with your cohort and virtual coaching. After you run a successful pop up, you’ll graduate from the Essentials Fellowship and receive an additional cash stipend to help you continue to test your idea. You’ll be eligible to apply to the Tiny Fellowship, which offers $10,000 to help you create a proof point for your idea.


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