Our Team

Driving innovation in American education – a place that’s resisted change for decades – takes a diverse set of people who take the work seriously without taking themselves too seriously. We’ve built charter schools. We’ve run EdTech companies. We’ve built houses and organized communities. We do as much as we can with as small of a team as possible.


Matt Candler
Founder and CEO

Matt is 4.0’s fearless leader. After studying school improvement at Kellogg, he went on to open over 30 schools at KIPP, and helped lead NYC’s Center for Charter School Excellence and New Schools for New Orleans. Once his kids are asleep, he’s probably tinkering away at Nightshift Bikes.


Raphael Gang
Director of Pipeline and Pathways

Raphael’s building a national dialogue around 4.0’s work. A former teacher, he moved to Louisiana to help lead the Department of Education’s efforts to create new options for families. You can find him reading longform articles about obscure topics, then randomly inserting them into conversations.


Cambria Martinelli Skvarka
Director of Founder Support

Cam directs 4.0’s game-changing programming. Previously, she’s built community at schools and non-profits including the University of Virginia and Americorps. Ever productive, most of her offline moments are with her husband building an Uptown New Orleans fixer upper.


Hassan Hassan
Director of Investments

Hassan is building our community’s capacity to design the future of school. As a former electrical engineer and management consultant, he loves making sense of things and making things happen. Hassan is a proud Launch and Ed Pioneers alum. He’s addicted to running, Nutella, and NPR.


Austin Crouse
Manager of Investments

Austin is our “Sherpa guide.” After studying Economics and Mass Media Arts at the University of Georgia, he joined Venture for America and returned to his home state of Louisiana. He believes in the value of social entrepreneurship, obsesses over film and music, and possesses an unshakable love for the South, college football, and grits.


Malliron Hodge
Manager of Community Engagement

Malliron is the smiling face supporting and growing the Startup Weekend Education community at 4.0 Schools! She is passionate about all things social entrepreneurship, and recently spent some time working in higher education. When not at 4.0, Malliron can be found dancing at festivals or roaming the city looking for hidden gems.


Breanna Harvey
Outreach and Communications Coordinator

Breanna is the loudspeaker bringing 4.0’s message and agenda to the outside world. She will be tapping her experience as a cheerleading coach to motivate and recruit new community members. As the self-proclaimed fun committee chair, she will ensure that every event is engaging and fun.


Sydney Kastner
Manager of Idea Development

Sydney is empowering educational entrepreneurs through our Essentials program. After graduating from the University of Virginia, she taught 5th grade for three years in New Orleans and worked with multiple youth-focused non-profits. When she’s not in the office, you can find her eating Mexican food, listening to the Revivalists, or, preferably, doing both at once.

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Passionate about education? Humble, yet hungry? Active listener? Take your work seriously, but not yourself? Prefer collaboration instead of isolation? Well then, you may be our next teammate. Send your resume to info@4pt0.org

Board of Directors

James Eustis

Owner — Capdeville Restaurant

Beth Anderson

Director — The Hill Center

Kenneth L. Campbell

President — The Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO)

Frederick M. Hess

Resident Scholar and Director of Policy Studies — The American Enterprise Institute (AEI)

Alex Hernandez

President — Charter School Growth Fund


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Broad Foundation

Foundation for the Mid South

The Walton Family Foundation

Goldring Family Foundation

Mary Freeman Wisdom Foundation

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