A deeper dive into the NYC Education startups that focus on the specific theme of career readiness and career skills and the themes that fall under this area.

Part 2 of a series sharing lessons learned from 12 months of experience in the NYC education startup community from a 4.0 Schools community builder.

“All of my life people have called me bossy,” she said, “And all of my life people have liked that about me.”

One of the first stories I was told at 4.0 was of Kinobi, a hardware startup that took part in 4.0’s first Launch cohort and closed its doors a few months later.

This month, we asked a few of our Launch alumni whether our 3-month incubator added value to their startup. Here’s what they had to say.

I am thrilled to start a series of posts in order to share what I’ve learned from the past nine months of experience in the NYC education startup community.

The NOEW community had their chance to shine when a group of 7 CEOs asked them for feedback on a problem each of their companies were tackling.

Within 4.0 an honest post-mortem by a founder more concerned with sharing what they learned with others than covering their tracks can increase learning by 100X or more.

I’m curious about experience others have had with EIRs. We’re forming some strong opinions about it that I’ll share later this week. What’s your take?

We’re on week two of our summer Launch program. That means daily high-speed feedback rounds.