The pull of the streets can be stronger than the pull of school. In order for students to be placed on a different path schools have to redefine their purpose.

One of our mantras at 4.0 is to build on good hunches when someone is willing to put one out there by responding with “Yes, and.”

A recent rebranding has Pittsburgh calling itself a “city for 21st Century Learners.” After a brief jaunt there earlier this month, I’m happy to report it’s not hype.

In the midst of us discussing each course, it dawned on me how human it felt to discover new things and learn more about yourself and the people around you.

Last night, 4.0 board member and Charter School Growth Fund partner Alex Hernandez pushed a group of 100+ people in New Orleans to think beyond No Excuses.

This spring, Laura Meinzen, an Essentials alum ran the first ever Sci Academy sophomore Entrepreneur Challenge. The top three teams won a spot in 4.0’s Essentials program.  

The three winning teams of Startup Weekend Next Gen Schools were attempting to make learning awesome and to evoke wonder.

Yes, blended learning and ed-tech are totally over-hyped and too often chased as silver bullets.

To test how 4.0 might serve people outside of New Orleans, we’ve launched a pilot program in the Bay Area.

4.0 is one of many New Orleans organizations working to make schools in New Orleans great. It is a long-term game, but results in the last six years have been remarkably steady.