We can’t fix what happened with the Pitch Night livestream, but we do want to give you the opportunity to support this Launch Cohort and see what they’ve been working on.

If schools and school leaders approach their problems like members of the design community, they arrive at solutions in a quicker, more cost-effective, and communal way.

We need more entrepreneurs looking for creative ways to help parents be more involved in how and when their children learn and grow. So I’m issuing a Formal Challenge.

We’re beginning the process of turning what happens in person at the Lab into bite-sized chunks that you can watch, use, and download.

We can tell you when you’ve designed a great prototype and we can tell you when it sucks. We’re great at connecting you with people, places and things to prototype with.

From testing the delivery of therapeutic services for kids to gauging interests in career pathways, some invaluable insights were gained through a day of prototyping.

Here’s a sneak peak at what some of our accepted NYC Essentials participants are tackling.

Last week, over 50 New Yorkers came out to give feedback to this year’s prototyping bootcamp teams. Congratulations to our teams! Here’s a photo recap of what went down.

This Spring, we partnered with EDesign Lab to bring together educators and technologists in building new digital learning ideas.

This spring, Laura Meinzen, an Essentials alum ran the first ever Sci Academy sophomore Entrepreneur Challenge. The top three teams won a spot in 4.0’s Essentials program.