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The gorgeous drive into the mountains from Denver International Airport has become legendary for aspiring entrepreneurs trekking to experience a true startup community.

The driving force for Pitch Night is feedback not funding, as the Launch Program focuses on the entrepreneur and their users rather than entrepreneur and investors.

A video of an Amish barn raising made me think about how entrepreneurs approach doing hard things, especially in education — a space notoriously stubborn about change.

I wonder how many things are impeded because of our personal suitcases of negative emotions; from politics to education.

It’s that time of year again! We need your help to make an impression on the judges at next year’s SxSWedu conference in Austin.

Over the past two years, I’ve flown to New Orleans eight times, more visits than to see my dear parents. So what’s behind this unceasing allure of the Crescent City?

Monique Wilson is a native New Yorker who participated in this summer’s Launch cohort. Hear about her NOLA experience and her advice for other first time entrepreneurs.

We recently polled 4.0 nation for suggestions on must-read blogs. Here are some of the top recommendations. Check ’em out – some really interesting, unexpected content.