Launch supports entrepreneurs to bring new ventures—products, services, or school models—to life in under 60 days. If you’re a bold, gritty individual hungry to solve a tough problem, the Launch program will push you to test and iterate your envisioned solution until it is really meeting the needs of your end users. In the last two Launch classes, 85%+ of our entrepreneurs have gotten to their first customer by the end of the program.

We’re now looking for our next cohort of entrepreneurs who will be pushed and push each other in the summer 2014 Launch class, June 9 – August 1. Applications are accepted February 18 through April 11, on a rolling basis, and we will close the cohort once it’s full. Learn about the selection process and apply here.

This summer, we’re also accepting applicants who specifically want to launch a new school model in New Orleans. The application for the Future of School Challenge is available here.

The Track Record

“4.0 lit a massive fire under my ass. It showed me what I could get done in 3 weeks with some serious hustle…When I think 4.0, I think JUST SHIP IT.” — Maya Gat, Branching Minds co-founder, Fall Launch 2013 (See why Maya recommends 4.0 here

“4.0 is a family that supports you. While the underlying tools for customer development and other activities are very helpful, the general support for anything at any time is what really made the difference.” — Kevin McFarland, SmartestK12 co-founder, Fall Launch 2013 (See Kevin in action here)

“4.0 made sure that I asked the hard questions and focused on the big problems – which made mSchool what it is today.” –- Elliot Sanchez, mSchool founder, Summer Launch 2012 (Check out the impact Elliot is making on families here)

The Experience

During Launch, 4.0 entrepreneurs hustle toward developing a solution and securing their first customers (ventures) or first students (school models). They focus on:

We support entrepreneurs to pursue these priorities over two months, with a program valued at 40K. The program includes:

Hard-hitting Coaching

Built-in Beta Testers

Workspace in 4.0’s New Orleans Lab

Startup Capital

The Entrepreneurs We’re Looking For


Entrepreneurs in 4.0’s Launch Program have an idea for a new solution–whether product, service, or school model. Launch applicants should have clearly defined a problem and have tested rough prototypes with real users. For us, entrepreneur trumps idea, every time.

You’re the person we’re looking for if you are: