A deeper dive into the NYC Education startups that focus on the specific theme of career readiness and career skills and the themes that fall under this area.

Part 2 of a series sharing lessons learned from 12 months of experience in the NYC education startup community from a 4.0 Schools community builder.

At 4.0, we train people to build the future of school. We read whenever we can, often about ideas outside of education. Here are some reads we consider worthwhile.

When the emails finally poured in from friends and colleagues, the list of books was so long and so awesome that I just gave up on narrowing it down to three or four.

NOLA-based creative CJ Hunt is always learning, and we can really get behind that. He reached out to us with some gems for creative folks preparing to pitch to investors.

We recently polled 4.0 nation for suggestions on must-read blogs. Here are some of the top recommendations. Check ’em out – some really interesting, unexpected content.

Edsurge have been the go-to resource for ed-tech for the last few years, and they’ve maintained a healthy preference for steak over sizzle in their analysis.

Trying to keep a team small means using smart tech and staying light. Here’s our first post on tools we use team-wide.

Here’s our list of tech tips we share with the Launch team and others. We focus on this to get faster, smarter at communicating.