“Launch has supported my belief that those first few years in a child’s life are critical for future success.”

Andre Feigler – 4.0 alum and member of Cohort 7 – has, in just over two years, gone from pitching her idea to making it a company that’s garnered national media coverage.

“There are numerous STEM programs available, but I don’t believe any are teaching young Blacks how to navigate technical industries that have deemed them worthless.”

In part one of this series, L. Kasimu Harris follows two school founders during the oft under reported early stages of their school design – from idea to prototype.

How is New Orleans preparing for the next decade of teaching and learning, and what organizations are leading the charge?

If schools and school leaders approach their problems like members of the design community, they arrive at solutions in a quicker, more cost-effective, and communal way.

“All of my life people have called me bossy,” she said, “And all of my life people have liked that about me.”

“We like what you’re doing for students. You are making a positive impact and need to stay on the roads. We want to help you get to New Orleans.”