To achieve the kind of education New Orleans kids deserve, we can’t just make the old way work better. We’ve got to aim for schools and tools that don’t exist yet.

We need more entrepreneurs looking for creative ways to help parents be more involved in how and when their children learn and grow. So I’m issuing a Formal Challenge.

At 4.0, we train people to build the future of school. We read whenever we can, often about ideas outside of education. Here are some reads we consider worthwhile.

A video of an Amish barn raising made me think about how entrepreneurs approach doing hard things, especially in education — a space notoriously stubborn about change.

One of our mantras at 4.0 is to build on good hunches when someone is willing to put one out there by responding with “Yes, and.”

When the emails finally poured in from friends and colleagues, the list of books was so long and so awesome that I just gave up on narrowing it down to three or four.