Our team is particularly excited to collaborate with EE to build active communities of educators and entrepreneurs across the country.

We’re thrilled to welcome another 9 entrepreneurial teams into the Launch program this Fall. For those new to our Launch program, it’s a 3-month accelerator for early stage education entrepreneurs with promising ideas for the Future of School in the U.S.

The starting point for the 4.0 Launch Program is a search for entrepreneurs who have hustle, heart, and a community mindset.

Next week we’ll be announcing our 4.0 Launch class, and to echo Sam Altman’s (of Y-Combinator) sentiments, this is both our favorite time of the year and the hardest.

I’m curious about experience others have had with EIRs. We’re forming some strong opinions about it that I’ll share later this week. What’s your take?

The three winning teams of Startup Weekend Next Gen Schools were attempting to make learning awesome and to evoke wonder.

One of the most interactive sessions I attended at SXSW EDU was led by Tom VanderArk and 4.0 board member Alex Hernandez. These guys are willing to tell the truth about ed-tech.

One of our favorite activities at 4.0 is question storming.  It helps people open unexplored avenues of solutions and push on assumptions of root causes.  

Last weekend, four 4.0 Lab Cohort alums earned 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place at Startup Weekend EDU Orlando. They started with the challenges they see every day as teachers.