“We like what you’re doing for students. You are making a positive impact and need to stay on the roads. We want to help you get to New Orleans.”

Diversity is important because it elevates the voices of those for whom the problem is lived and real.

The pull of the streets can be stronger than the pull of school. In order for students to be placed on a different path schools have to redefine their purpose.

Coming off a week working out of 4.0 Schools as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence, I’m struck by how much I’ve learned about operating a business since leaving the classroom.

Over the past two years, I’ve flown to New Orleans eight times, more visits than to see my dear parents. So what’s behind this unceasing allure of the Crescent City?

Researching for my fantasy football team one night, I realized I was learning. I wondered if I could recreate this experience in learning about the world with students.

My time in New Orleans has ended, but my ties with the incredible 4.0 Schools community have only just begun.

I came up with a really cool idea that I thought was the solution to this problem. But I was more attached to my solution than the problem I was solving.

When Matt asked me to write a blog post about Enriched’s office culture, I thought: “what office culture?”

It has become clear to me that the bulk of traditional instruction and instructional strategies are most effective with students in the middle of the learning continuum.