4.0 Schools Essentials and Tiny Fellowships support people with bold ideas for schools, education nonprofits, and social impact ventures at their earliest stages of development. Both programs are flexible, part-time and designed to support individuals who haven’t quit their jobs yet. Programming is remote except for key ‘Camp’ weekends in New Orleans. As a fellow, you’ll get access to coaching from experts, grants to validate your idea, and a community of peers, all pushing you to find out if your idea has legs. Our programming is accessible, but know that you’ll have to run fast when you’re with us. At a high-level: if you want to build the future of school, we’d love for you to do it with us!

Applications for both fellowships are open from April 17 – May 14 (midnight central time).

Learn more during our webinars on April 25, 10am CST (REGISTER) and May 8, 5pm CST (REGISTER).

Essentials Fellowship

The Essentials Fellowship will take you from idea to running a short, 1-day experience for the families and students you want to serve.

  • Every founder completes readings, empathy interviews with your users, and gathers information about the problem you are solving prior to attending Essentials Camp.

  • Every founder will be in a coaching circle with two other founders and an experienced coach during Essentials Camp.

  • Every founder will create and receive funding for a plan to bring their solution to their users upon return home.

  • Every founder will receive 1:1 coaching following camp.



Tiny Fellowship

The Tiny Fellowship is designed to take you from an idea with early stage validation to a proof point.

  • Every founder is paired with an expert coach at the beginning of the Fellowship.

  • Every founder completes a ‘Sprint’ course online to prepare a pilot plan.

  • Every founder will have access to preferred vendors, a 10k grant, and a curated support network beyond your paired coach.

  • Every founder can apply to graduate from their Fellowship on their own timeline.




Who We Support

Types of Ideas

We work with founders launching non-profits, social impact ventures, schools (anything from pre-k to high school), programs, services, and tech tools. Our goal is that 50% of the teams we serve are school-builders.


Being a successful founder means taking tough feedback on your idea. We look for founders who are obsessed with the problem they’re trying to solve, but flexible about what’s the best way to solve it.

Still not sure which fellowship to apply for?

Your idea stage is the distinguishing factor

Essentials Fellowship:

Essentials is great for teams who have just started developing their idea. This means you have both identified a problem you are passionate about solving and laid out your first draft of a plan to solve it.

Tiny Fellowship:

Tiny is great for teams who have started working on their idea, but are still in the early stages. Tiny is a good fit for you if the people experiencing the problem you’ve identified have tried the solution you’ve built and given you feedback.