• Meet Launch Cohort 12

    Posted by The 4.0 Team

    Oct. 7th, 2015


    Twice a year, we welcome a new cohort into Launch, our 3-month incubator for early stage education entrepreneurs with promising ideas for the future of school.

    We’re excited to share the 6 ventures we’ve selected to join our 12th Launch Cohort. They’re working on a diversity of topics but have a two key things in common — excellent teams and bold visions about the future of school.

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    Read more about the six teams, the big problems they’re working to solve, and how they’re contributing to 4.0’s hypotheses about the future of school on Medium.com.



    Aditya Kumarakrishnan
    How can we train students for future STEM careers with ever-evolving technology?
    Teslab aims to not only bring 3D printers, laser cutters, and other tools to schools, but to put them on wheels, in a laptop-cart sized makerspace built for the classroom with easy-to-use software that can be used by teachers across multiple classrooms.


    Julian Golder & Lei Xu
    Does emotion at school matter?
    The Emote team will be testing whether schools and teachers want to monitor their students’ emotions across the school day and over time, and how they will take action based on this information. The Emote team believes learning is most productive and effective when students’ emotional needs are met, and they aim to prevent behavior challenges that can be born out of unaddressed student emotional needs.


    Emma Hiza
    How might study abroad in high school change the trajectory of students from low-income communities?
    Thrival Academy’s program will afford high school juniors the opportunity to live and study abroad for 5 months, as part of a year long, credit-bearing program grounded in personalized, project-based learning and immersive apprenticeships.


    Bryan Lattimore & Amy Lattimore
    How can students picture themselves in a career pathway before they have to commit?
    PS21 is a mobile platform for college students to get answers from a diverse set of professionals, so they can really understand what work would be like in their shoes.


    Jessica Santana & Evin Robinson
    How can we meet the growing need for technology leaders AND bring increasing diversity to this field?
    NY on Tech teaches students to computer programming, expose them to both technical and non-technical professions in technology, connect them with a network of diverse mentors, and provide them with other professional experiences that put them on a pathway to a career in technology.


    Georges Clement & David Helene
    How can we set students up to thrive not just in their careers, but in their financial choices?
    Unifi Scholars aims to put students in the driver’s seat of their financial future and teach them how to navigate these choices — beginning with how to frame their college decision as a return on investment and understanding the resources to finance their education.