• Introducing Launch Cohort 11

    Posted by The 4.0 Team

    May. 27th, 2015


    Twice a year, we welcome a new cohort into Launch, our 3-month incubator for early stage education entrepreneurs with promising ideas for the future of school.

    This year, 178 incredible groups sent us their idea for the future of school and we are thrilled to welcome 9 teams into Cohort 11 for summer 2015.

    They’re a diverse group with diverse interests and we couldn’t be more excited to work with them.

    Read a full analysis of Launch Cohort 11 on Medium.com.

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    Flor Serna & Maya Ramos
    Electric Girls teaches young girls and women various skills in electronics, programming, and engineering, and also gives them the competence to teach their new skills to the next generation of curious young girls. Electric Girls inspires confidence and curiosity by challenging girls to engage in fun, challenging, and hands-on science and tech projects.


    Gareth Genner & Mike Davis
    Great Teachers’ Academy is creating a high-impact K-12 ed-tech enterprise by leveraging innovative and cost-effective technology & research-based curriculum to optimize student outcomes and enable great teachers to create unique school models. The cost-efficient GTA operating model facilitates private schools with tuition as low as $2,500 for a 225-day school year and public charter schools with tuition as low as $4,500.


    Billy Schrero
    Once Over is a monthly content subscription designed specifically for teachers. We remove the need for teachers to perform content discovery by curating the best sources from across the web and matching it with a users scope, personal style, and curricular sequence.


    Clara Baron-Hyppolite
    Bridge the Gap is an after-school program that works to prepare high-achieving, low-income students to attend and succeed in competitive universities. We offer advising, near-peer mentoring, and academic enrichment to students throughout high school.


    Paris Woods & Sarah Payne
    New Orleans College Bridge helps graduates of New Orleans Public Schools enroll and succeed in college. We do this by providing coaching and support with financial aid, enrollment, and academic success while in college.
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    Brianna Rader
    Hookup provides edgy and entertaining sex ed to youth through a mobile app anonymously from trusted sources. The two features allow the user to ask questions to an expert and share/read stories about sex and relationships. And she’s already getting talked about in Fast Company and the New York Times.


    Andy Moeck & Melissa Murphy
    Educasic products are geared to giving students the best learning tools possible while helping parents navigate today’s always changing education landscape, their busy lives, and putting the focus on the learning — not the logistics — of their child’s day-to-day curriculum.


    Larry Liu & Connor Koblinski
    Pomegranate Lab supports teachers by helping them create growth mindset communities. To do this, we build software tools for teachers, students, parents, and administrators.


    Aaron Frumin & Aron Michalski
    unCommon Construction is a values-based apprenticeship that builds character by building houses with high school students. We’ll use the construction process and profits to provide apprentices with the skills and resources for college or career after graduation.