• Prototyping Day v 1.0

    Our first Essentials wrapped yesterday.  But a bunch of folks asked when they were applying if they could hang out and keep hacking. So Katie designed a way to get them plugged into what the Launch cohort is working on.

    Welcome to Prototyping Day 1.0.  Some people are still working on/finishing their MVP; others are user-testing; others are trying to sell to customers. Actually everyone’s selling.  Brian hit everyone hard this morning on actually trying to sell something instead of just doing a survey. Here’s a look at what they’re doing:

    Hassan Hassan, CommonCloud

    Hassan is testing the MVP of CommonCloud with a slate of instructional coaches and will ask them to make a curated playlist for one of their teachers.

    Monika/Samantha Diamond, Kids n’ Art

    Monika and Samantha are using a paper prototype of their art education product to try to sell to museums in NOLA. They’ll spend Friday visiting and pitching to museums.

    Jim Kline, Seminar on Innovation and Change

    Jim is designing a new curriculum for a course on innovation and change for next year’s Sci Academy seniors. His team will be building a prototype of the course in the yellow room. Helping him were Amanda Rosenweig, Christina Jean, Andrew Yaspan, Tracey Duncan.

    Stephen Gilman, Makerspaces

    Stephen and his team are developing a pitch to universities on leveraging students as maker instructors.  His team will be creating their pitch all day, in the small blue room. Helping: Ed Fonseca, remotely: Rob Jameson and John Baldo.

    Cameron Middleton, Nomad Schools

    Cameron is finishing her MVP of ESL curriculum (audio and graphic cartoon based) 9:30-1; and will be MVP testing in the field 1:30- 3:30pm. Helping: Andrew Yaspan in the afternoon.

    Amy Vreeland, Teachovation
    Amy will be taking her pitch for the design-based workshops she envisions to school leaders all day Friday.